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Dear Miss Sadie,

You are absolutely adorable when you toss things. Really, you are. You have three different styles of toss. The first--my favorite--is when you pick up the object in your foot and fling it over your head. Nice aim! We're getting pretty good at catch that way. The second, and totally cute, is your projectile missile launch. You snatch your object and, holding it in the side of your beak, toss your head back, sending it flying across the room. The third, and least effective, is the sort of under-the-wing-toss you attempt, when you lift your wing and either projectile launch or toss with your foot. Problem is, it doesn't go very far and usually gets caught in your feathers.

A little note: it's funny, but a little rude, when you sit on your basket flinging and launching various objects (mostly bits of basket) at my face. I know it may seem entertaining to you--indeed, you prefer it to almost anything else if given the option--but it is just a touch on the cheeky side. Maybe we can get a basketball hoop and you can aim for that instead?

Hugs and kisses,


On days when I am home early, I get the distinct impression that if Sadie could talk, I would be asked to leave. I'm not sure what gives me this impression. It might have been the fact that when I arrived home early yesterday and offered my hand to Miss Sadie she totally ignored it (and me), blissfully working on her stainless steel toy hanger (cheap entertainment--she ignores all the expensive stuff in her cage)! Or it might have been the fact that when she did finally decide to come out of her cage two hours later, she sat on her basket throwing stuff at me. I'm just not sure where I got that idea! :)

I'm definitely getting more and more attached to her though. I miss her when I am at work or out of town. She's so cute and funny! Not the baby baby relationship I had with Sophia, but a cute little friend. :)


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