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Athie, just as I pressed "Submit," flew into the house. He landed on the sofa, Petey in high pursuit. He flew off again, rounding the livingroom, and then found me racing to intervene. He landed on my shoulder and exclaimed, "OH MY LORD!!"

I replied, laughing, "Hi Athie!"

He said, "Whew!" and then made a victory Woowooowooo!

Now I remember why I wish I could work from home! I never stop laughing with these guys!!

(And yes, Petey is in time out...)


Oct. 28th, 2008 01:01 pm
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Athie can fly. He's very proud of this fact. And, at two years old, he has landing down to a science. (Finally!)

This morning I put all of my Mob Squad Three on the patio--and placed Athie on his customary Perch Where Petey Can't Get Him. Feeling pretty confident he flew over to a hanging planter. Petey ran over to climb up the patio swing and jump on the planter. Athie, startled, flew in the open door and landed next to me. He looked up at me and said, "GEEZE!"

LOLOL!!!! Like, "Can't a guy get a break?!"
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I've been teaching Petey to fly on command in the house, it is his singular favorite activity. I'll point to the atom (a large hanging perch) and say, "Jump!!" and he will flap inexperiencedly (think doggy-paddling) to the playstand. Then he will bob and spread his wings, so very proud and happy.

Two nights ago I was in the parrot room. Petey was flying from the atom, to my hand, to Athie's cage, to me, to the atom... sooo adorable and so happy. Sophia was sitting on my shoulder watching the whole ordeal.

Brilliantly I thought I'd voice train him to fly, without hand signals, to various places--the atom, his cage, Sophie's cage, Athie's cage... I pointed to his cage, which was a bit further away, and said, "Jump!" He wouldn't do it. "Jump!" He looked at me, confused. "Jump to your cage!" Nope, he wasn't going to do it. So we continued jumping from the atom to Athie's cage. I tried a few more times, unsuccessfully, to convince him to jumpt to his cage, but he wouldn't.

My back was turned to Petey's cage, and all of a sudden Sophie jumped there. I didn't pay much attention, but she suddenly squawked. Petey and I turned around to look at her. She was gesturing that she wanted to jump to me. I held out my hand, and said, "Jump!" She flew onto my hand and then hopped back onto my shoulder to watch.

Petey observed her fly to his cage and then back to me, and when I told him again, "Jump!" and gestured to his cage, he looked up at Sophie on my shoulder, back to his cage, and then flew!

Sophie wanted to demonstrate to Petey how to fly to the far cage--that it was safe--and completing her task, she resumed her position on my shoulder, watching him play the jump game. :)

I love my bugaboo girl!
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This morning I wanted to try to get a picture of Sophia lying on her back, in my hands--black background, black shirt. All you'd see was hands and bird.

Sophia wasn't terribly cooperative, so I finally gave up. Here's one of my "outtakes" -- she kept jumping up for kisses and cuddles instead (which I was only too happy to oblige!)!


Sep. 26th, 2008 02:18 pm
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I have been so. sick. My fever on Tues was 103 and yesterday it was 101.8. (Wed it didn't matter b/c I had to submit a brief to teh BIA so kept working all day in bed.)

Today it's down to 99.5, so I'm slowly returning to the land of the living. This morning I attempted to do some pictures while the birds were on the patio. I like the "gothic forgotten patio" look--kind of like the Garden of Good and Evil. It was fun, but I'm in bed again now making up for it. Also got some shots last night before bed of J's fish tank.

Petey -- high contrast black and white.

More Gothic Garden Pics )

Individual Pics of the Mob Squad Three )
Micah (kitty) )
Petey Chasing Micah (by popular request) )
Fish Tank Pics! )
And now, back to regularly scheduled sick activities... like sleeping and eating soup and drafting motions...
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Sophia is precious. My little bugaboo girl. She is three now, and really "coming into her own." My being gone during the day has forced her to play more independently.

It's so funny now, she's very, very interested in her environment. It used to be she was only interested in OMG BEING ON MOMMY OMG but now if there are any changes to an area she is in a lot, she'll forego OMG BEING ON MOMMY to go check out what the changes are.

A few weekends ago I sprayed down the patio and rearranged some of it. I did this in the early morning, but since I was using bleach on the cement, I kept the fids inside. Not wanting to wake them up yet, I also kept the curtains closed.

When I got them up a little while later, she jumped onto my shoulder and then hopped over to the playstand, scurried up the curtains, up to the curtain rod, and raced over to the window where she promptly ducked down, little feather butt up, to see what had been done to her patio. She looked and looked and looked. It was really adorable!

She still claims ownership to the big cage that now belongs to Athie (was Petey's). Yesterday we played musical cages since Athie was in Petey's cage, I put Petey in Sophie's cage and Sophie in Athie's cage. Later when I switched them all back she had to run over to "her cage" to check out what had been done. LOL

It's kind of cool to see her acknowledge her environment and be curious as to what is happening in it. Kind of reminds me of the little girl from Animaniacs: "Whatcha doin'? ... Why?...Why? .... Why? ... OK I love you buh-bye!!!"

Another kind of cool thing is that I always try to encourage her not to be "clingy" and to play on her own. Now when I'm on the patio she has her favorite spots to play and hang out, and she'll hop off of me to go to them.

I love my little bugaboo. :) She's still such a cuddle bug and adorable Mommy's girl!
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I was just looking through my entries and I don't see any of these pictures posted... sorry if it's a repeat but I really don't see them! 



In other news, I got this email yesterday from one of my resellers:


I have already gotten 15 emails asking me when we are going to get in Hyacinth Macaw products.  Do you have access??????


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*Athie's acting like a little feathered monster and won't let J eat. I'm going to take him back to the bird room while we finish lunch*

Me: "Are you annoying Daddy again?"
Athie: "No...."

Me: "Step up."
Athie: "Ok"
*steps up*
Athie: "Hey! What's up?"
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When we first got Petey--a year ago last week--his wing feathers were chewed, and what wasn't chewed, was clipped too short to be any good. He tended to fall like a rock. A year later, he no longer chews any of his feathers, and they are starting to grow out.

In other news, Petey has been a bit more confident lately so I brought him out into the livingroom and gave him his own basket to play on. Tuesday night he lasted about 20 minutes, which is impressive for him. (Usually after 5 minutes he starts looking panicky) Then last night I was in taking a bubble bath in the bathroom next to the bird room. I guess he was feeling brave (and missing out on being in the livingroom) so he actually came out of the bird room looking for me! LOL!

Silly little 'too boy. :) 

One more little update on him... Today we got out at 2 for the holiday. I got home and brought him into the bedroom with Sophia and I. He ran over, dug his head into my neck, and let me cuddle him for ten solid minutes. He'll be a cuddlebug yet!!  

I call Sophia my heart on my shoulder--she's on me so much that she's almost like a part of me, and I love her so dearly. I've always felt kind of bad because Petey's "the rescued bird," the "damaged goods" we are trying to heal... but his affection is fleeting at best, and mostly he avoids us. 

More and more lately, though, he's coming out of his shell, and starting to show just how much he loves us. He is such a gentleman as he preens Sophia--so gently and tenderly. He preens me too, just gentle little touches with his beak. (Sophia's like a bull in a tea shop--all CHOMP.) 

Anyway... I should get working on some other stuff, but I do love my little feathered babies. :)
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In law there is this concept of "proximate cause" where if you try to sue for damages the action in question that supposedly caused your damages has to have been proximate--the direct cause.

Proximate cause has nothing to do with this story except that I keep thinking "proximate mom" pretty frequently. Whenever Sophia is playing on the ground, like a baby who raises her arms in expectation that Mom will pick her up, Sophia, half preoccupied with a bead or button, raises her foot. It's like an automatic response to some Mom radar. "Mom's within five feet. She's going to pick me up." *raises foot still playing with her toy* And if I go outside of Soph's Mom Radar, she puts her foot back down. And if come back within that zone, her foot goes back up. Totally cracks me up.

Sophia's other method of "step up" is more of a jump. She doesn't really step onto my hand--ever--she leaps, lands, bounces, and then leaps onto my shoulder, like my hand was a stepping stone in a stream, and my shoulder, naturally, is the destination. Then she leans in for the inevitable kiss, and places her beak against my cheek for head scratches and more kisses.

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Dear Sophia,

You are my angel girl, my heart on my shoulder. I miss you so much when I'm at the office--I feel like my arm is missing when you aren't there to opine on my doing. Every morning I whisper a promise that someday I will work part time or fully from home--mostly because I miss being with you and your sibs so very, very much. 

I'm sorry you tasted soap. Yes, I know it doesn't taste very good. I didn't put it in your path, nor did I expect you would hop down from your perch in the bathroom and lick it. It really isn't necessary to beak everything in your path--some things have a nasty bite. Please keep this in mind for the future.



Dear Athie,

Please stop coming to me when you are with Daddy. Daddy loves you more than you could ever know, and would be heartbroken if you switched loyalties. I like you, but you are his baby. 



Dear Petey,

I've had you now for almost a year. You are my pint-sized angel boy, and I will always cherish the trust you have given me. I love how you cuddle. You are a sweet, much beloved addition to our little family. If you could, please stop eating the roses, orchids, gardenias, and bougainvilleas. Daddy isn't believing me anymore when I say I pruned.

Much love,

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J got me a super-duper new lens b/c my other 2 weren't clear enough. I think this does the job on the clarity level. ;)

Here are a bunch of pics I've taken with it! 

The Future is Bright with Possibility (Mom calls it "African Grey looking at Mars.")

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If this guy could talk he'd have said, "Get me off this wood, bitch!" He really hated the driftwood. Kind of a shame--I liked it, and was trying out different props.

Birds seem to like the security of the basket handle-perch better for some reason.

More pics )

Ahhh... finally the basket. He stil hates me though. Like seriously, seriously hates me. Poor little guy! LOL I won't use anymore driftwood so no more birdies have to hate me. (If it's possible, the Red Bellied Parrot female hates me even more.)
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OMG. Athie is totally cracking me up this morning. He's speaking the entire conversation the fids, James, and I have on a regular basis, including Petey's responses and sound effects!!

*kiss* = kissy sound
*rha* = the Goffin whine/cry when they want something. (Usually Petey is undecided whether he wants to come to me

Here's the general string of what he's saying...

Yaaaay! Good girl! *kiss!* Where ya goin? Whatcha doin? *whistle* Are you Momma's good girl? Come on! Kiss! *kiss* Kiss!

Petey? Whatcha doin? Come here! Come on! It's ok! *rha* Step up! Come on! *rha* GOOOOOOD BOOOOOOOOOOOY! Up? Step up. Up. Step up. Nooo... Good girl!

Ok Petey night night time. Go to your cage! Go on!

Hi Petey. Jump! Jump! Step up! Up up! Good! Ohhhh there's a good boy *kiss* kiss* *kisskisskiss* Kiss? *kiss* Awwwwwwwwww such a good boy....! GOOD GIRL!!!! *kiss* Hang on Soph! Step up! Yayyyyy!!! Good boy!! Go to your cage! Go to your cage! *kiss* *kiss* Kiss? *kiss* Kiss? *kisskiss* Awwwww. Yaaaayyyy!!! Go to your cage!

Athie? Stop! No! Step up! Go to your cage! Goood boy!!! Gooood girl!! Good BOY!!!! Ath! Step up! Good boy! Go to your cage! Come on! Jump! Whoooo! Yay! Good boy!!! *muah* Good boy! *kiss* Kiss! *kiss* Kiss! KissKissKiss! *kisskisskiss*

Come on! Step up! Good! WOOHOO!!! Good boy!! There we go! You're a good boy!! I love you!! *kiss*

OK--time for me to go to the bird store for pics. He's so cute.

Yesterday we looked at a fish tank. The owner had a 2 year old son--it was like a human-shaped Athie!! He was sooo cute just jabbering and looking at everything with wonder. Very adorable, reminded us of a featherless CAG! LOL!!!
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Or a picture at any rate. 

Hawkhead Parrot (Sabbath)

I'm hoping to take a photography class sometime over the summer I think. I'm having issues with my depth of field/aperture/shutter speed and lighting... I just can't seem to figure it out on my own. :(

Pooch Pics

Apr. 14th, 2008 06:02 pm
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My first puppy pictures. :)   These are the Palm Cockatoo Owner's dogs.


As always, constructive criticism always appreciated :)
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This is the rare and beautiful Palm Cockatoo. The photos aren't all complete (or perfect). Ahem, i didn't know that darker colored animals are very difficult to photograph until my wonderful photo-art mentor mentioned it to me tonight... lol. Anyway, feedback is sooo appreciated--anything to improve. I'm a perfectionist so I see a million things wrong with these photos... which flaws are most noticeable (or least forgiveable)? LOL

OH--her name is Moonlight. She's mentioned in this article: (There's also a photo of her there.) She danced through the whole photo shoot and wanted kisses and cuddles in between pictures! LOL!

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I wonder whether life is ever perfect enough. I have, I thought, everything I could have wanted. A sweet husband, a lovely little pet family, a meaningful job--and a bonus! Parrot pictures and a starting-to-boom business!

But nothing ever seems to be enough. Now I want one more thing--to work part time in law and to sell pictures / parrot products part time. Why? Because the days fly by too quickly when I work all day. It is a whirlwind of activity at the office, and never a dull moment. That is nice, but I come home too exhausted to appreciate the beauty of each day. Too exhausted to even want to deal with the parrots' little quirks, to make dinner...

I DON'T miss law school even one tiny iota--but if I did, I would miss this: the days off (2x/week) when I stayed home working from the desk in the office, watching the fids on the patio, making breakfast and doing light cleaning before starting the day, meditating and doing a 15 min. workout of pilates... Smelling the flowers and smiling at silly sibling rivalry between the little guys. Petting kitties and laughing to myself as I ponder and start a crock-pot dinner... journaling about the tiny terrorists (and all else).

I started working nine months ago. And the days have flown by so quickly I'm not sure what happened. I do not want my life to fly by like that. I do not want to miss taking time to smell flowers, to document my thoughts, to keep up with friends.

Don't get me wrong--I'm not lazy. If I work part-time from home, I would work on the business. But the business is what would allow me to glance up and see Athie dangling like a bat from the swing canopy on the patio, etc. The business would allow me to be surrounded by the things I love during the stillness of the day, when I can hear myself think, and work in the peacefulness of happy parrot chatter.

The parrot business is going really, really well. Saturday was picture day--and I had so many customers that I had to reschedule some for April 19! I've gone from selling the occasional item on ebay to having at least one purchase almost every day. It's certainly not enough to support me--but it shows there is interest in the market. Once I hopefully get the products out onto the shelves in bird stores around the US I hope to keep busy!

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I'm trying to decide which of these to print and frame. Which do you like the best? I could do two or three also, so picking a set is nice too.



Feb. 23rd, 2008 07:19 pm
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Today I took pics again at the bird store--I need some black backgrounds for my site. When S (store manager) put Magnus (blue and gold macaw) on the basket I said, "Thank you, Magnus, for going on the basket!"

"You're welcome!" he replied.

I love my speaking, feathered clients!!!


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