Mar. 11th, 2004 12:55 pm
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Update #1:

Well, I called my HMO for the dental plan. There's only ONE doctor I can see, and he happens to be out of town until next week. I called the HMO to see if I could have a checkup/evalutaion with anyone else. "Nope."

I called my old dentist to see whether he could prescribe some painkillers so that I might be able to survive until I see the friggin' HMO doctor (whose office said they couldn't prescribe anything either). He said, "Nope."

I almost called my gynecologist to see whether he would do it, but then imagined the conversations that might lead to ... and decided not.

Therefore, I am prescribing my own painkillers, in the way of Aleve. It's supposed to be one every 6-8 hours (or was it 8-12 hours?). At the moment I'm doing about three every eight hours (one every two and a half or so), and it's STILL painful! Damn wisdom teeth.

Update #2:

I have, as of yesterday and today, contacted everyone who is going to write me letters of recommendation, and all have enthusiastically agreed to do so. I have sent each of them my transcripts, and a list of activities, etc. Also, yesterday I sent all my transcripts from various colleges to the Law School Admissions Counsel. I've completed all of the law school applications and now need only write my personal statement. Go me. :-)

Update #3:

This morning after a meeting a lady came up to me and said, "My name is ___. I'm the supervisor at St. Mary's hospital. Are you Jennifer?" I shuddered. I routinely brush them off, because I can never find the faxes they supposedly sent to have the bills tracked. Since other people were around I had to admit to my name and braced myself for rebuke. (I'm being dramatic. I usually do keep up with these, but sometimes it does get annoying.) She continued, "I just wanted you to know that I love reading your reports (CLRC). They are so detailed and so well-written. Susan? Is this one of your kids? She's awesome." I felt so special :-)

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I just posted this comment to Val, who was discussing how she makes peace with herself when dreams are mirroring her conflicts.

My problem is:

"My problem is that every-other day, it seems, I change my mind about what I want to be when I grow up. First was psychology (1996-2001),
*then it changed to law (2001-2002 - took the LSAT)
*then neuroscience (2002-2003 - did eight months of research and worked on senior thesis)
*then psychology (2003)
*then mental health counseling (2003 - enrolled in classes, then dropped)
*then doctor (two weeks - James reminded me science wasn't my strong suit)
*then psychology (2004 - began studying for the GRE, contacted professors, read hundreds of pages of psychological studies),
*and now it's law again (2004 - just paid $120 to enroll in the LSDAS, have sent resumes, have asked ppl to write letters of rec, and am now reading a book on torts). I GOTTA GO TO COLLEGE! lol.

I know I won't make a great psychologist - I'd get burned out. I see that in my clients. I am courteous, but they still drive me crazy sometimes! I was too idealistic thinking I could change people. Some can change - those that want to, but for the majority of the ppl I wanted as clients, the problems are too comprehensive - they can't read, they can't keep jobs, they were abused, they have so many issues... I can't just wave a wand and make it better. Some do change - I did. But... I think I'd get burned out, personally.

So... In my heart I know law is for the best. On the other hand, however, I fear that if I allow myself to "dream" of other occupations, I will get all hyped up and change yet again. I have to stop. I must choose. I think I'd enjoy law. It's very flexible. But I'm scared because I can't think of other things - pursue other venues - just in case I get all obsessed yet AGAIN.

But then, what if I hate law? ;-)

I'm such a P about this!"

Anyway - I just thought of a song, it's an INFP song, that I love, and am going to post the lyrics.

Cinderella is stuck because she tripped on her way out...

"On the Steps of the Palace"

Read more... )

So... any way to turn this around to make to, um, leave the shoe on their steps, so to speak (and avoid making a decision)?
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Last night I had a dream, and I'm trying not to read too much into it. Nevertheless, I had been accepted to University of Florida's and Miami's football teams, and I was trying to figure out which one I wanted to play for. I chose Miami. They had a great scholarship. Chris - you were there, too. We were going to play football on the same team.

At any rate, I was driving to practice, accidentally passed the field, did a U-Turn (was almost pulled over by a cop), got to the field and thought, "What the heck am I doing? I could get hurt!"

Do you think football is symbolic, in my unconscious mind, of law? ;-)

It's a good thing I'm not a big believer in my dreams!


Feb. 29th, 2004 11:21 am
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13.7% of lawyers are INTJs. 2.6% of lawyers are INFJs. That's a big difference. Why is this so difficult???
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What if I sometimes feel INTJish even when I'm a counselor and then I am a bad one? Because odds are, I will feel that way...

Perhaps I should just apply to law school. The only down-side to that is I friggin' hate Gainesville and all other schools are $25k+ in tuition/year.

At least in psychology I'd get paid to study...


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