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I'm putting these here in case anyone happens to get bored and read my journal. This writer, Steve Jones, is quite insightful and interesting. I wonder if he has any devotionals out ;-) (I could tolerate his!)

 A Critique of Dogma:

Excerpt: Dogmatism has had its day. Its chronicles reek of shed blood. Broken lives and relationships litter its halls. But a new day is here — theological bigotry must now be relegated to the dead past. Dogmatism needs a stake through its heart.

Rethinking the Absolute Authority of Scripture:

Excerpt: Having accurate opinions on theological matters is not an emphasis in Jesus' teachings. The preoccupation with "orthodoxy" has done little, if any good, throughout religious history. And the fighting, the schisms it produces violate the pure spirit of the gospel. It is time for us to begin majoring in the majors, not in abstractions. If we end up making some doctrinal mistakes along the way, we expect God to graciously pardon us. After all, it is the pure in heart, not the accurate in dogma, who will see God.

When Liberal Christianity becomes too Liberal:

Excerpt: It is human nature for us to gravitate toward extremes. We turn a good thing into excess. This is especially true regarding religion. No tradition within the Christian faith is immune from our tendency to “push the envelope.”

Anyway, he's a great writer and his thoughts are incredibly insightful. I highly recommend him to the religious as well as the non-religious. Personally, I'm on the fence. ;-)

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I have found myself quite at home with liberal Christianity. In my mind, liberal Christians do not judge others, they may or may not believe homosexuality is a sin, they may or may not believe in living together before marriage, they may or may not believe in evolution. But the bottomline is that they are a persecuted minority who band together to accept one another - and to accept others, whoever they are, whatever walk of life they come from or are leaving. They are affirming others' in the faith while not judging them or trying to impose their beliefs on anyone else. The point of liberal Christianity, IMO, is not to "convert the world", but to love them, accept them, and affirm one another. To celebrate spirituality with one another, in whatever venue each may seek it.

I was reading a few articles during my lunch break about liberal Christianity. One excerpt is:

Why is the liberal brand of Christianity in decline, while the conservative church is not only growing in membership but also attracting America's youth? Is the liberal church becoming irrelevant in America and can it be salvaged?

IMO, as long as there are thinking people who question what they believe, question the norm, and seek another form of Christian spirituality, there will always be liberal Christians. Why are we trying to be the majority? Are we anti-conservatives? No, not in my opinion. Are we trying to convert others to our ways of thinking? NO! That's precisely anti-liberal Christianity!

Another book I saw is called "Liberal Christianity at the Crossroads". The author is stating that liberal Christians need to find a unified body. LOL - again, isn't that precisely the opposite purpose of liberal Christianity? Liberal Christians are ones who accept whatever others believe without judgment. They are the most diverse group. Why are we trying to unify??? There's beauty in difference. I appreciate others' spirituality so much - and even more so when they appreciate mine and don't challenge it!

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You know what? I adore my INFP and INTP friends. They are the coolest, most non-judgmental people in the world. Yet another fundamental Christian found out today that I'm living with my sweet, wonderful, soon-to-be husband. His response, "Not to be condemning, but how do you reconcile that with Scripture?"


Can you for a moment work on the log in your own eye? Can you for a moment realize that there are no definite black and whites in anything? Can you look inside yourself and see the hypocricy? Where is the love? Where is acceptance and forgiveness? Where is peace and harmony?

It's in the INFPs, INTPs, and INFJs. Thank you, God, for non-judgmental people who realize that everyone's situation is different and that it's not their place to decide who is right and wrong :-)


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