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Here are some pics of Sophie and Athena!

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Dear Athena and Sophia,

I would first like to say I have had a wonderful morning playing with you two crazy girls! I'm glad I have a lot of reading homework to do, so you can run around on the bed having fun. That said, I believe you have enjoyed playing on the bed too. If this is to continue some basic rules must be observed:

1. Stop fighting. Sophia, if Athena has a highlighter cap it's ok. You have yours. You don't have a monopoly on the highlighter caps.

2. Stop pretending to preen each other just to nip. Sophia, Athena's beak is there for a reason. I know you begin by preening the little feathers on her head, but don't get mad when she doesn't want more preening and then try to grab her beak with your foot. She's going to bite it.

Athena, when you don't want to be preened anymore, go another direction. Stop nipping Sophie's feet! She's going to get mad and then go after your highlighter cap!

3. There are many, many toys on the bed for both of your entertainment. We have balls, scrunchy things, feathers, caps... tons of stuff. The only, ONLY thing you are not allowed to go after is the alarm clock. Please stop making for it like it's the last toy in a dungeon!

4. Kitty is a small friend. She occasionally likes to sit with mom on the bed while mom studies. Kitty's ears exist for a reason. Please stop testing them for edibility should the world end. They are not edible. It irritates the cat. And the world isn't going to end. You will always have plenty of food.

I look forward to many future mornings of playtime on the bed! Following these basic rules will make our playtime much more, well, harmonious.
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Last week my mother worried that my beloved Sophie Dophers might learn some bad habits from the Damn Cockatoo ©. I said, "Nah, she's too precious and sweet and angelic! She doesn't have a (very) naughty feather on her body!"

Haha. Mother's last words. 

Sunday morning James and I brought her into bed to hangout and play. Whaddya know. She began Charge of the Light Brigade toward poor Micah, who had, for the past several hours previous, been peacefully sleeping. First she bolted onto Daddy's chest (he was lying down), and then she began banging her beak against him while SQUAWKING! and flapping her wings. Finally she flapped and banged so hard she flipped over and off the side of him! LOL! 

Immediately she darted toward Micah, who stared at her, bleary eyed, wondering who on earth had the gall to disturb his quiet slumber(!). She pulled up just short of him, attacked the bed spread, banging her beak and skipping with her wings flapping, as if to say, "MOVE IT BUSTAH! IF YOU DON'T I'LL DO THIS TO YOUR EAR!!!" 

Then she cautiously inched closer. (He is, after all, four times her size -- or more!) He glanced up at us, back at her, evaluated the beak size against the fact that he lacks claws, and jumped off the bed. 

She raced/skipped/flapped her wings with her crest up back to Daddy's chest and did a victory dance, complete with more Squawks!, ceremonial dancing, wing flapping and beak banging. Then dove into his neck for cuddles and kisses. "I'm big bad monster birdie!!"


At least she doesn't bite!!

Whoops. She just ate my neosporin. While sitting right next to me. If I have kids they won't make it to their fifth birthday.


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