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After 17 hours of sleep... I live! :) 

I had my oral argument yesterday. I was convinced I would completely humiliate myself. I figured I'd done it all wrong. Again. Errrrnt! I was the bomb! After I figured out how to speak English (my capacity for language diminishes with lack of sleep), I was all over those questions! Woot! Can't touch this!! 

Went to the immigration courthouse to do my observation exercise... Met a sleazy and creepy lawyer from West Palm. I seriously thought, when he walked in the courtroom, that he was mentally challenged from the way he walked and appeared. I guess not! I think he was hungover and high! What a weirdo! He walked me out, gave me directions to get home from downtown, and his card... told me to call him sometime (ugh, hello! married!!! and if not still no way!!) 

Got home at 6:30, "took a nap" and woke up today at 1:00pm. :) 

Was supposed to work on my bar app today... not gonna happen. I'm tired. I want chocolate. I want to clean. I want to make a yummy dinner. I want to hang out with M at B&N. So that's teh order of the day. I'll do my bar app tomorrow. (blah)  Also, in the class action the judge ordered us to show cause on why we didn't get notice... and I think she's going to continue with the scheduling conference tomorrow... double blah. The gov't responded in my other case... and we have until Tuesday to submit our reply... Supposed to visit the fam Sat-Tues. Busy weekend ahead.

In other news, Sophie's discovered her shadow... And Athie steals (and then drops) Soph's keys. I love these two goofy girls!


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