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How is the weather??

I'm sitting on the patio on my swing. The weather is beautiful. I hear a bluejay and some grasshoppers. Soph is hopping up and down on my shoulders saying, "Up! up! Up!" Athie's next to me saying, "Woot!" Petey's on the chair preening, obviously delirious with joy, sitting in the sun. Micah's here, too, purring and purring, his blue eyes sparkling. A more perfect Saturday morning I can't imagine.

J got back from Orlando yesterday. My energy after work has mostly resumed. We're discussing splitting up the chores--I think we will. This will be fun, maybe we'll clean together on Saturdays! J will do: our bathroom, the livingroom, the hallway (including the litterbox). I will do: the guest bathroom, the parrot room, and the kitchen. Then at the end we will fold all the laundry together. :)

Now this is an interesting development. Soph is preening Athie (not unusual) but Petey has run all the way from the patio table over to the chair where I've put my feet up--way closer, voluntarily, than he ever really does. It's quite obvious that he thinks if Soph's not preening him, she shouldn't be preening anyone!

Oh--Athie's flown back into the room, and now Petey looks like he's debating whether to come onto the swing next to me. (A scary thing, to be sure.)

It's been a few more minutes. He's still pacing, debating, and Soph's back to hopping. "Up! Up!" And I'm going to go start clening!


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