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pessimism today. I just woke up from 12 hours of sleep. I want to strangle Micah. He is sitting at the door saying, "MREEEOOOOOOOOW!" and I can't yell at him because my mouth is too swollen, and I can't get up to do something about it because my body decided to give into it's nausea this morning and I spent roughly five minutes over the toilet puking nothing (since, gosh, guys, I haven't eaten more than a few bites at a time in about five days).

Mornings, I have decided, are the worst, because I don't wake up in the middle of the night to take my pain killers (have to take them on a full stomach), but in the morning, there's so much pain and nausea. I try to eat (pea soup again, it's all I can keep down, sorta) but that hurts like friggin hell, but if I don't eat then when I take the painkillers the nausea will be worse.

I can't even really pinpoint or describe the pain, except to say it hurts in the front like I'd imagine after getting your braces tightened it would - it's a pretty strong, dull ache. In the back right, it's the worst. Shart firey pain at the bottom, which makes it very difficult to swallow anything, including just regular saliva. Back left doesn't hurt too bad, except a stronger dull ache in the back. Both sides of the my cheeks hurt. But hey - my tongue doesn't hurt, so I'm not too bad off! Oh, but the pain on the right side is going up into my ear. Gotta love it.

I guess that's about all I have to say this morning.
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I used to open my mouth wide and wonder how four more teeth would fit. It seemed pretty full as it was. I went to the doctor today. After the X-Rays, he confirmed that two of my teeth were coming in *sideways* - as in, scrunching toward the other teeth, and the bit that we saw - the bit that had erupted - was actually the side of the tooth. Isn't that amazing? He said it's because my mouth was too small to hold them.

After that he informed me that I did, indeed, have infections in both of the lower wisdom teeth and they would go ahead and take them out. Insurance was great (sarcastic). They covered $500 of the $1500 procedure. Tell me again why I pay insurance? They wouldn't cover the cyst that had grown around one tooth, nor the IV sedation, and only paid for part of the teeth. Thank God for grandfathers. :-)

Anyway, they did the operation at 12:30, James was so sweet and wonderful. He took me home at 1:30, tucked me into bed, gave me everything I might need... He wanted to stay home with me but I refused. I'd sleep the whole time anyway.

They told me I wouldn't remember anything, but I do. I remember when the doctor got to my bottom-left tooth it hurt so much I started counting ("This can't last more than 15 seconds ... This can't be more than another 15 seconds ..."). I guess I moaned and they had to give me even more anesthesia! There was a super-super sweet nurse there who kept holding my hand. She was so nice. All I remember is that I kept reaching for something when the pain hit, and her hand was always there. I'll probably write her a thank you note.

I got home and fell asleep. I've just awakened. My mouth is so swollen! It doesn't hurt, though. I'm so grateful for that nurse, James, my mom, and my grandfather. I dedicate this post to them :-)


Mar. 11th, 2004 06:24 pm
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I got a fever this afternoon. I've taken four aleve in six hours. I think you're supposed to only take 2 in 24. Oh well. I called the HMO and told them I had a fever and they needed to give me a different doctor. She decided I sounded like I had a severe infection and to ensure I didn't get a brain infection (because, of course, the mouth is so close to the brain), she set me up with an appt tomorrow with an oral surgeon who may perform emergency tooth extraction.

James says I'm a baby. He's completely correct. But then, he's my hero and has been numbing my mouth with Special Ointment which is supposed to be cherry-flavored but is really just disgusting.

*dramatic wincing*


Mar. 11th, 2004 01:54 pm
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I have a fever now. Maybe my wisdom teeth are infected. Do you think if they are infected and by Monday the infection reached my brain and caused damage I could sue my HMO for negligence because they wouldn't let me see another doctor, and the only doctor I could see was out of town?

Hmm... Will have to ask James.


Mar. 11th, 2004 12:55 pm
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Update #1:

Well, I called my HMO for the dental plan. There's only ONE doctor I can see, and he happens to be out of town until next week. I called the HMO to see if I could have a checkup/evalutaion with anyone else. "Nope."

I called my old dentist to see whether he could prescribe some painkillers so that I might be able to survive until I see the friggin' HMO doctor (whose office said they couldn't prescribe anything either). He said, "Nope."

I almost called my gynecologist to see whether he would do it, but then imagined the conversations that might lead to ... and decided not.

Therefore, I am prescribing my own painkillers, in the way of Aleve. It's supposed to be one every 6-8 hours (or was it 8-12 hours?). At the moment I'm doing about three every eight hours (one every two and a half or so), and it's STILL painful! Damn wisdom teeth.

Update #2:

I have, as of yesterday and today, contacted everyone who is going to write me letters of recommendation, and all have enthusiastically agreed to do so. I have sent each of them my transcripts, and a list of activities, etc. Also, yesterday I sent all my transcripts from various colleges to the Law School Admissions Counsel. I've completed all of the law school applications and now need only write my personal statement. Go me. :-)

Update #3:

This morning after a meeting a lady came up to me and said, "My name is ___. I'm the supervisor at St. Mary's hospital. Are you Jennifer?" I shuddered. I routinely brush them off, because I can never find the faxes they supposedly sent to have the bills tracked. Since other people were around I had to admit to my name and braced myself for rebuke. (I'm being dramatic. I usually do keep up with these, but sometimes it does get annoying.) She continued, "I just wanted you to know that I love reading your reports (CLRC). They are so detailed and so well-written. Susan? Is this one of your kids? She's awesome." I felt so special :-)

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My mouth is killing me. I can't remember ever being in so much pain. For breakfast I had two animal crackers and two bites of yogurt before deciding my body could afford to breakfast on its own fat.

Yes, it's the wisdom teeth. OMG. They all decided to come in at the same time and the pain is nearly unbearable. I thought, "Ooh! Lucky me! I have two insurance companies that can cover this! Medical (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) and Dental (CIGNA). Whoo!

I called and set up surgery for next Tuesday, 9:30am. The consultation would be this Friday. I called BCBS... only to discover they don't cover it unless it's some sort of accident. No surgery coverage from them for this. So I checked into CIGNA. Nope, they don't cover it either unless it's infected. Plus, I have to go to a primary-care dentist (who happens to be out of town this week) to decide whether or not they are infected, and THEN have a consultation with an oral surgeon, and THEN I can have surgery.

Can you tell me again why I'm paying for insurance when they won't cover this?

I'm in so much pain. :-(


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