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Well, I sent James off to Tampa yesterday to take his Bar exam. I arrived home from work late because I had a doctor's appointment. I walked in the door and thought, "Geeze! Humidity is high! It smells so musty! Maybe we shouldn't leave the air conditioning off..."

The next thing I realized was that there were dark gray kitty prints all over the livingroom! "WHAT DID YOU GUYS GET INTO?" I tried to figure out where we might have had a stash of soot accessible to Kitties as I took a step into the livingroom.


Micah and Boo peered at me from atop the island kitchen counter as my foot stepped into a flooded livingroom. "Oh, my gosh, what on earth...? Did... we leave a faucet on?" I checked the kitchen faucet. It was off. I continued through the completely flooded kitchen to the guest bathroom. "Oh no... please God no..." Indeed, however, yes. The pipe at the back of the toilet had sprung a leak and was SPRAYING everywhere.

I panicked.

"WHY? The ONE DAY James is out of town *curses*..." I called my parents. "HELP! WATER! EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO I DO???" My mother instructed me on how to turn off the water behind the toilet.


Micah was on the part of the island closest to his food, in the bathroom. Poor little guys. *Kitty's worst nightmare! Water! Everywhere! And our food is in the flood room!* I gave them their food and they were okay, although they still occasionally glanced at the water all around. Poor Boo's tummy was all wet.

Anyway, nice excuse to get a few days off of work. Mike, our landlord, was so nice. I called him immediately and he had Stanley Steamer call me by 8am the next morning. I am currently relaxing on the sofa while they rip up all the carpets.

James has a surprise in store for him tonight. "Hey honey! Surprise! Mike decided to clean the carpets!"
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