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Dear Athena and Sophia,

Mommy and Daddy have come to the realization that between the two of you, the very worst years of raising children are fully represented, namely the Terrible Twos and the teen years.

Sophia, you are doing an excellent service to our future children by training us in the arts of raising a two year old. You are perfectly adorable as you dissemble Mommy's favorite and most expensive necklace. The decorative marks you leave on Daddy's X-Box cords as you chew, and the subsequent utter expression of innocence and shock when we scramble over furniture, cats, and shoes to separate you from that most very important wire, is priceless.

Athena, your moodiness recalls to mind teenage years with a daughter. You have a knack for being simultaneously needy and utterly spiteful. The combination you have developed of informing Mommy that you want babyfood by both crying pitifully in Sophia's tone, and then biting my hand is quite unique. Just a little note--Sophia doesn't bite when she's needy, she just cries, and it works very well for getting her way because it's very baby-like. Biting me does not inspire sympathy. Further--being offended because Mommy extends her hand to help you out of the various predicaments in which you find your awkward and clumsy little self is not going to work. Mommy means well, and is trying to help. You don't need to bite and then reflect that, oh yes, you do need some assistance--and then whistle pitifully begging mommy to re-extend the injured digit. At that point Mommy usually believes you deserve to figure it out yourself.

Also, Athena, there are rules in this house. I know you would like to pretend you are the Supreme Rule Maker--all teenagers do. However, Mommy is the Supreme Rule Maker. There will be days when you do need to wake up before 10am, because Mommy has to go to work and put you in your cage. Please don't be grouchy for the following two days because I make you come out from under the bedsheets before noon.

Girls--Mommy and Daddy love you both very, very much. You have added unexpressable fun and joy to our lives, and we can't even imagine a day without you. If we could work on being less moody (Ath) and less, well, TWO (Soph) things will run a bit more smoothly!

Kisses and peanuts!

Mommy and Daddy



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