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And it was soooo hard to do! My roommate helped me. By the time we were done, Sadie was *pissed.*

I put her back on her cage and sat in the lazy-boy nearby. She got one of her little block toys and flung it at me! She hit me on the cheek with it! ROFLMAO!

She spent the rest of yesterday glaring at me from on her cage, and nipping me if I came near. Little bugger!

Today she seems to have forgiven me. I got her some almonds, and she is enjoying riding around on my shoulder--something she couldn't do before with long nails!
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She's sooooo sweet I just adore her!!

Last night Auntie M ([ profile] random11 ) came over to meet her little god-fid. She brought an awesome new toy, but Sadie just absolutely took to her. She let M scritch under her wing, on her cheek...

She danced for Auntie M, spread her wings, showed her all her great moves... So sweet and hilarious! She gazed as only a 'too in love can, such soft eyes, trust, and love!

This morning my little Miss Sadie hopped off of her basket to come over for cuddles around 6:30am. Ohhh melt my heart! We cuddled for a good while, the perfect start to a day. :)

Sadie, after cuddles, kept looking for Auntie M, her new special friend. [ profile] random11  will have to come visit again soon!

Miss Sadie

Jun. 1st, 2009 09:55 pm
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Saturday was pretty great. Saturday night I called her daddy so she could talk to him on the phone. She just cried. :(

I gave her lots of cuddles. When it came time for bed, I put her on her cage. I couldn't get her in, and she doesn't really leave her cage, so didn't force the issue. I think she must have been playing with a bead because the next thing I heard was a plop, and then her little feat walking on the wood floor. I went to the top of the stairs to look down. She was walking in circles at the foot of the steps.

I called, "C'mon Sadie! C'mere!!!" She kept fluttering her wings, walking in circles, trying to figure out how to come up. Finally she jumped to the first step. "YAY!!! GOOD GIRL! C'MON SADIE!!!" And on to the second... and on and on. She was *so* proud when she got to me at the top!! :)

I have a little basket. She's pretty afraid of it, but I covered it with the sweater I'd been wearing all day (that she'd been standing on), and let her sleep on the basket next to me in bed.

Sunday, well, Sunday Sadie was *pissed.* She missed her daddy like it was nobody's business and she wanted everyone to know it. There was no holding her, no cuddles. She nipped quite a bit. Finally before bed I called her daddy again so she could talk to him. She listened and listened... and when he got off the phone, she started crying and calling for him. She flew off of her cage onto my shoulder to walk around looking for him.

I felt so bad... I let her sleep on the basket next to me again. Since she's a naked little chicken-girl I found a heating pad to put under the sweater so she could stay warm while perched there at night. She slept very well. So did I :)

I feel like making a bumper sticker that says, "Plucked is beautiful, too." My gorgeous little Sadie-girl...

For the first time in the past six months, I so looked forward to going home today to see my little buddy. :)
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I got Sadie (formerly Chip) yesterday. She has a few particular rules before I get into more details.

1. Nothing needs to be done that cannot be done from Mommy's shoulder. This includes eating. If Mommy is desperate enough, she will hold the cup to me and I will eat from here.

2. I know I am missing feathers on my face. Don't ask.

3. I only like the yellow pellets, thankssomuch.

4. Do not clip my wings. Don't even think about filing my nails. Neither of these may be completed from Mommy's shoulder, therefore they are unnecessary.

5. I know I smell. Deal with it.

6. Please pet me all over. Scritch my head, under my wings, my neck, my tummy. I love you I love you I love you!!!

So, back to Sadie. Somebody truly loved this bird. She is eight years old. A year and a half ago the gentleman's wife of 25 years left him, taking the macaws, the mollucan, etc. She left Chip/Sadie with the man, who is in his 70s and legally blind. Sadie has not been out of her cage since then.

Her diet has been cake and sunflower seeds. When I went last Sunday to visit her, the water was a week old. Yesterday when I went, there was none. :(

And oh the smell. The smell. It's awful. I gave her a good shower last night, even using some organic shea butter soap. She's still dirty, and the smell won't go away... It's nauseating. :(

Good grief... he took the cover off of her cage to fold it up. No fewer than TWENTY COCKROACHES dropped from the blanket. I actually think they crawled on her, which is why she is so itchy and pulling out her feathers. She does not appear to be neurotic in the slightest. Her cage is completely rusted out. I'm surprised she doesn't have zinc poisoning!

So, I picked her up. The old gentleman just sobbed. I felt so, so sorry for him. He said, "Goodbye, Chip! I'm so sorry!" And I know he was. He said he'd had birds his whole life. He has a cockatiel and a parakeet left (both in good feather).

On the drive home I let her out of the travel cage I brought. She darted out and raced to my shoulder. "This is my spot, thankssomuch." I showed her some new toys I'd gotten. She was fearful at first, but after a few moments played with all of them as I offered them. She is very trusting--not afraid of hands, not too afraid of new things. This is how I know she had an excellent upbringing. She reminds me of Sophia in her trust for others.

Oh, she also absent-mindedly lifts her foot when I walk by--like Sophia. "Mom's here. She'll pick me up."

We got home and showered first thing. She didn't know what to make of the shower, and initially hated the water. I tried to get her into it by singing and dancing... no such luck. By then, though, she was pretty wet. I dabbed a little soap on her wings--that's when she settled down. It seemed very soothing to her. Then we got out, and I towel-dried her without any problem at all. I turned on the blow drier, not a big fan. I put it on the ground facing her direction and after a while she stood in the wind because it was nice and warm :)

Then it was bedtime. Not a peep from her, not a sound. All night, no problems. N was over, and I thought for sure when she heard us up this morning she'd start screaming. Nope!! Not a screamer, not a biter, just a lover, this one.

I'm so happy to have her. My little plucked chicken-girl :)

More Pictures of Little Sadie )
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On my way to pick up my new girl!!! *squee!*


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