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Blech. I *hate* Christmas shopping. Sometimes I think all I do is whine in this. But I guess it's what it's for, eh?

I'm soooo peopled out! I never want to see another person again! And I miss my boyfriend soooo much. *Will not call him every 20 minutes... Will not call him every 20 minutes.* ;-)
Actually, he's been working, so it wouldn't matter if I called (and I've been good, I haven't... that much. No more than he calls me, anyway!)

So anyway, I stayed in Gainesville almost a week longer than I would have otherwise because my final - my ONLY final, and an OPTIONAL final, no less - was on the very last day of finals, Dec. 20. I was 3 points from an A (B+ at the moment) and if I got a 90% on the optional final, I'd get it.

Of course, this doesn't sound too difficult. But then again, the highest grade I've EVER gotten in this guys classes (I've had two of them) was an 88 - and that only once. He's the only person I've actually gotten a final score of a B from! So, nobly I wait in Gainesville, studying hard for this final. And I got a C. I *knew* it was pointless to stay. I *knew* I'd never get a 90 on it. *sigh*

A week, wasted. Pathetic.

I'm so sick of school. I get a total break of 16 days. A lot of people have nearly a month off! At the moment, I hate school.

Oh yeah, I also hate Christmas shopping. Did I mention that? Too...many...people. I'll never procrastinate on Christmas shopping again!

I hope my bf gets home soon. Ranting to him is so much nicer :-)
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Well... I'd heard so many cool things about LiveJournals, and Shaun was kind enough to give me his code, so here I am! I'm kind of excited... a livejournal! I've read others' entries. They are very clever, funny, or thought-provoking. I'm not sure mine will ever be anything like that, but I think it's neat to be able to write various thoughts and log them over time. I'm *horrible* at journaling, but maybe this'll help. It's cool to see how one's changed.

Anyway... so tonight I'm (trying to) work on a project that's due next Tuesday in my Neurobiology of Learning and Memory class. It's a 20 minute presentation, and my topic is environmental enrichment/impoverishment and its effect on learning/memory. Only thing is... I haven't really figured out what SPECIFICALLY I'm doing. Not...a...good...thing. But I'm also being bombarded with IMs. Which is much preferrable to reading 15 page articles entitled, "Environmental enrichment modifies the PKA-Dependence of Hippocampal LTP..." Oh yeah, and this is 40% of my grade... yay for procrastination!


I'd better get back to studying.

Thanks again, Shaun!


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