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Sometimes I have what I call a Precious Moment - a moment that I know I will cherish for ever and always. When I lived with Kristina I had some of those. I'd awaken and Micah would be snuggled in my arms, having slept and cuddled with me much of the night, purring and so, so happy. I thought, "This is what life is about. This is joy and happiness. I hope I never forget this."

A few weeks ago I was home in Ft. Myers. Zack and I were going somewhere and he reached out his hand and grabbed mine. I smiled. He's 13 and I know someday he will stop holding my hand while we walk. I'm not sure it's dawned on him that it's 'not cool' to hold my hand. I wondered whether that might be the last time he initiates holding my hand, as I mused sadly on the fact that there was a last time he was held, picked up, rocked to sleep, tucked in, fed by someone else... There will be a last time he holds my hand. I think that day is coming soon, if it hasn't already passed.

On a less melancholy note, this morning I had a Precious Moment. I awoke and glanced at the clock. It was 8:34am. Resting between my knees was Boo, curled in a ball, and using my knee as a headrest. Next to me, James was sleeping soundly, as well, and between his legs was Micah, curled up. All four of us sleeping peacefully in the same bed! It was so sweet! Then James stirred and awoke. Micah galloped up the bed to cuddle with him, and Boo followed suit. Both babies lying in our arms, purring, ever so happy, and both of us perfectly content and at peace. The four of us sharing a moment of happiness. I felt so blessed and thought, "This is a precious moment - a moment I hope to remember the rest of our lives.

Date: Jan. 6th, 2004 12:36 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Do you ever come here anymore? How's it going? I know. I'm nosy. I hope all is going as well has this post sounds. I hope your favorite time of year was lovely and peaceful.

Have a happy new year!



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