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So are boys, if Howard Gardner in Steven King's "Talisman" has anything to say about it. Nevertheless, sleep was not a happening thing last night.

James and I were fairly depressed last night, so we decided to go to bed early (9pm). I had a hard time falling asleep but by 10 had settled into some restless slumber. Here's the drama, play by play:

10pm: mother calls, frantic, apparently someone's gone 80 minutes over the cell-phone time usage and dad will be *furious* (and will cancel all cell phones). I offer to pay the difference (even though it wasn't me). This does not quell the fear. We decide there must be some mix-up and she hangs up to call the company.

10:30pm; having finally fallen back asleep: mother calls again, to inform me that it's all straightened up; they don't add the sprint-to-sprint minutes to the non-usage minutes until midnight.

12am: both kitties are in bed with us and decide to run back and forth. Finally Boo settles down in my arms and James rolls over to pet him and talk to him. I awaken again, and ask all parties sharing the bed to PLEASE SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO SLEEP!

1:30am: J has a night terror (something we both suffer from) and I awaken him.

2:30am: J is having a hard time sleeping and Micah is purring like a friggin' motor boat.

3:30am: Micah begins pounding on one side of the shower door in the bathroom because he wants to sit in the shower. After yelling at him for five minutes to quit we decide he probably won't and open the door. (*sigh*, thus reinforcing this behavior.)

4am: Boo decides to try to cover up his litter by scratching the litterbox (which is usually in the guest bathroom, but now in the livingroom b/c of wet carpets) for 20 minutes. I finally convince him it's fine.

4:25am: Boo is not satisfied with the litter coverage and continues trying to scratch at everything in the livingroom.

5:00: Micah is upset because the other half of the shower door is not open. Micah knocks over everything on the bathroom counter banging on the door.

5:30: Boo begins scratching the litterbox again; Micah is playing with the noisy kitty-gym. "Your idea to get it" James reminds me.

6:00am: Micah and Boo are meowing and running all over the house. I decide trying to continue to sleep is futile and I will go into work early today.

So much for ten hours of sleep...


Date: Feb. 27th, 2004 07:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You forced me to look up axiomatic. Shame on you. But 1st let me give you a big *HUG* for the terrible night of no-sleep. See, children are simply not worth it. Let me know how the day back-at-work went and if you need to destress you can always call me and scream to your heart's content.

Re: axio-whatnow?

Date: Feb. 27th, 2004 09:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heh heh, I had to look up axiomatic too ;-)

About the kids, James was like, "They're as bad as kids! And we opted no kids for a long time!" I replied, "No! They're worse! At least kids sleep through the night!"

Methinks no kids for a long time.

*hugs* You're so sweet. I might call and rant later! I've had a zillion clients this morning, but these were actually interesting, so that was cool.

And now, back to work!


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