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2004-03-14 08:52 am
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I am the embodiment of...

pessimism today. I just woke up from 12 hours of sleep. I want to strangle Micah. He is sitting at the door saying, "MREEEOOOOOOOOW!" and I can't yell at him because my mouth is too swollen, and I can't get up to do something about it because my body decided to give into it's nausea this morning and I spent roughly five minutes over the toilet puking nothing (since, gosh, guys, I haven't eaten more than a few bites at a time in about five days).

Mornings, I have decided, are the worst, because I don't wake up in the middle of the night to take my pain killers (have to take them on a full stomach), but in the morning, there's so much pain and nausea. I try to eat (pea soup again, it's all I can keep down, sorta) but that hurts like friggin hell, but if I don't eat then when I take the painkillers the nausea will be worse.

I can't even really pinpoint or describe the pain, except to say it hurts in the front like I'd imagine after getting your braces tightened it would - it's a pretty strong, dull ache. In the back right, it's the worst. Shart firey pain at the bottom, which makes it very difficult to swallow anything, including just regular saliva. Back left doesn't hurt too bad, except a stronger dull ache in the back. Both sides of the my cheeks hurt. But hey - my tongue doesn't hurt, so I'm not too bad off! Oh, but the pain on the right side is going up into my ear. Gotta love it.

I guess that's about all I have to say this morning.
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2004-03-13 03:40 am
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Boo-Bear, Valiant Guardian of the Sick Mommy

Neither "bear" nor "valiant" may really describe my shy (but tough!) kitty, but he hasn't left my side since I returned home yesterday. I don't mean he sleeps at the foot of the bed, or that he's there for cuddles (he didn't purr, as he usually does, which awakens me), but he has slept in my arms the entire afternoon, evening, and all night. Even when I rolled over and had my back to him, he was up against my back just to let me know he has been there. Gosh I'm lucky. *huggles Boo-Bear*

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2004-03-05 09:26 pm
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Micah and Boo were quite over-weight when we moved to this villa. Now, that's not a problem except I do worry for their health, so James and I recently put them on Purina weight control diet food. I think it's working because they don't like it. I just noticed that they 've lost quite a bit of weight ... and aren't eating nearly as much as they used to.

I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. They are still overweight, so I'm tempted to let them stay on this food for a while longer, but I feel somewhat bad because they aren't eating as much!

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2004-02-27 06:23 am
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Kitties are Naughty. It's Axiomatic.

So are boys, if Howard Gardner in Steven King's "Talisman" has anything to say about it. Nevertheless, sleep was not a happening thing last night.

James and I were fairly depressed last night, so we decided to go to bed early (9pm). I had a hard time falling asleep but by 10 had settled into some restless slumber. Here's the drama, play by play:

10pm: mother calls, frantic, apparently someone's gone 80 minutes over the cell-phone time usage and dad will be *furious* (and will cancel all cell phones). I offer to pay the difference (even though it wasn't me). This does not quell the fear. We decide there must be some mix-up and she hangs up to call the company.

10:30pm; having finally fallen back asleep: mother calls again, to inform me that it's all straightened up; they don't add the sprint-to-sprint minutes to the non-usage minutes until midnight.

12am: both kitties are in bed with us and decide to run back and forth. Finally Boo settles down in my arms and James rolls over to pet him and talk to him. I awaken again, and ask all parties sharing the bed to PLEASE SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO SLEEP!

1:30am: J has a night terror (something we both suffer from) and I awaken him.

2:30am: J is having a hard time sleeping and Micah is purring like a friggin' motor boat.

3:30am: Micah begins pounding on one side of the shower door in the bathroom because he wants to sit in the shower. After yelling at him for five minutes to quit we decide he probably won't and open the door. (*sigh*, thus reinforcing this behavior.)

4am: Boo decides to try to cover up his litter by scratching the litterbox (which is usually in the guest bathroom, but now in the livingroom b/c of wet carpets) for 20 minutes. I finally convince him it's fine.

4:25am: Boo is not satisfied with the litter coverage and continues trying to scratch at everything in the livingroom.

5:00: Micah is upset because the other half of the shower door is not open. Micah knocks over everything on the bathroom counter banging on the door.

5:30: Boo begins scratching the litterbox again; Micah is playing with the noisy kitty-gym. "Your idea to get it" James reminds me.

6:00am: Micah and Boo are meowing and running all over the house. I decide trying to continue to sleep is futile and I will go into work early today.

So much for ten hours of sleep...
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2004-02-25 11:31 am
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Water, water everywhere and not a bite to eat!

Well, I sent James off to Tampa yesterday to take his Bar exam. I arrived home from work late because I had a doctor's appointment. I walked in the door and thought, "Geeze! Humidity is high! It smells so musty! Maybe we shouldn't leave the air conditioning off..."

The next thing I realized was that there were dark gray kitty prints all over the livingroom! "WHAT DID YOU GUYS GET INTO?" I tried to figure out where we might have had a stash of soot accessible to Kitties as I took a step into the livingroom.


Micah and Boo peered at me from atop the island kitchen counter as my foot stepped into a flooded livingroom. "Oh, my gosh, what on earth...? Did... we leave a faucet on?" I checked the kitchen faucet. It was off. I continued through the completely flooded kitchen to the guest bathroom. "Oh no... please God no..." Indeed, however, yes. The pipe at the back of the toilet had sprung a leak and was SPRAYING everywhere.

I panicked.

"WHY? The ONE DAY James is out of town *curses*..." I called my parents. "HELP! WATER! EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO I DO???" My mother instructed me on how to turn off the water behind the toilet.


Micah was on the part of the island closest to his food, in the bathroom. Poor little guys. *Kitty's worst nightmare! Water! Everywhere! And our food is in the flood room!* I gave them their food and they were okay, although they still occasionally glanced at the water all around. Poor Boo's tummy was all wet.

Anyway, nice excuse to get a few days off of work. Mike, our landlord, was so nice. I called him immediately and he had Stanley Steamer call me by 8am the next morning. I am currently relaxing on the sofa while they rip up all the carpets.

James has a surprise in store for him tonight. "Hey honey! Surprise! Mike decided to clean the carpets!"
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2003-11-10 01:54 am
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Precious Moments...

Sometimes I have what I call a Precious Moment - a moment that I know I will cherish for ever and always. When I lived with Kristina I had some of those. I'd awaken and Micah would be snuggled in my arms, having slept and cuddled with me much of the night, purring and so, so happy. I thought, "This is what life is about. This is joy and happiness. I hope I never forget this."

A few weeks ago I was home in Ft. Myers. Zack and I were going somewhere and he reached out his hand and grabbed mine. I smiled. He's 13 and I know someday he will stop holding my hand while we walk. I'm not sure it's dawned on him that it's 'not cool' to hold my hand. I wondered whether that might be the last time he initiates holding my hand, as I mused sadly on the fact that there was a last time he was held, picked up, rocked to sleep, tucked in, fed by someone else... There will be a last time he holds my hand. I think that day is coming soon, if it hasn't already passed.

On a less melancholy note, this morning I had a Precious Moment. I awoke and glanced at the clock. It was 8:34am. Resting between my knees was Boo, curled in a ball, and using my knee as a headrest. Next to me, James was sleeping soundly, as well, and between his legs was Micah, curled up. All four of us sleeping peacefully in the same bed! It was so sweet! Then James stirred and awoke. Micah galloped up the bed to cuddle with him, and Boo followed suit. Both babies lying in our arms, purring, ever so happy, and both of us perfectly content and at peace. The four of us sharing a moment of happiness. I felt so blessed and thought, "This is a precious moment - a moment I hope to remember the rest of our lives.