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After 17 hours of sleep... I live! :) 

I had my oral argument yesterday. I was convinced I would completely humiliate myself. I figured I'd done it all wrong. Again. Errrrnt! I was the bomb! After I figured out how to speak English (my capacity for language diminishes with lack of sleep), I was all over those questions! Woot! Can't touch this!! 

Went to the immigration courthouse to do my observation exercise... Met a sleazy and creepy lawyer from West Palm. I seriously thought, when he walked in the courtroom, that he was mentally challenged from the way he walked and appeared. I guess not! I think he was hungover and high! What a weirdo! He walked me out, gave me directions to get home from downtown, and his card... told me to call him sometime (ugh, hello! married!!! and if not still no way!!) 

Got home at 6:30, "took a nap" and woke up today at 1:00pm. :) 

Was supposed to work on my bar app today... not gonna happen. I'm tired. I want chocolate. I want to clean. I want to make a yummy dinner. I want to hang out with M at B&N. So that's teh order of the day. I'll do my bar app tomorrow. (blah)  Also, in the class action the judge ordered us to show cause on why we didn't get notice... and I think she's going to continue with the scheduling conference tomorrow... double blah. The gov't responded in my other case... and we have until Tuesday to submit our reply... Supposed to visit the fam Sat-Tues. Busy weekend ahead.

In other news, Sophie's discovered her shadow... And Athie steals (and then drops) Soph's keys. I love these two goofy girls!
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Hmm... that sounds interesting. Post-whoring is when you post a lot in one day. I feel like I'm photo-whoring when I post photos two days in a row. :)

Anyway, a little break from my studies today resulted in: Basket Parrots!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

In other news I've decided that I should be a fine-arts photographer with a specialty market in parrots! There's quite a niche there. I keep looking up parrot photography and they are all pics taken at Parrot Jungle Gardens! Hmm... I wonder whether parrot lovers would be a specialty niche wehre I could sell these... :D

I will somehow avoid being a lawyer!
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She's having a bad start to the day.

First, I accidentally sat on her. I went to sit in the desk chair. She'd been sitting on the arm. She must have jumped onto the seat in that half-second between me being at the side of the chair and my butt nearing the seat. Anyway. She SCREAMED and BIT and it surprised me so much I tried to jump up but it took longer than one would expect. She took a good chunk out of thigh, lol! Fortunately she's not hurt -- just a little stunned. *giggle* She wanted EXTRA EXTRA cuddles. Then she began kind of milking it for all it's worth and I made her go play...

...Then she jumped onto the desk and began eating some cereal out of my cup. She decided it would be far more convenient to eat if it were on the desk and tipped the whole thing -- filled with milk, btw -- over. I hollared a few explatives and stuck her on Athie's cage (nearest the desk) while I cleaned it up. She was kind of all shocked by that commotion too.

So I just offered her my hand to come sit with me and she scooted away to the other side of the cage. Hehe. I think she's decided Mommy spells DISASTER today!

My poor feather-butt girl!
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I love love love my room!!! OMG -- I feel like I can breathe. I was so overwhelmed by the peace and quiet last night that I just sat on my sofa and took it all in for an hour! I don't know what to do with myself! It's like I finally have an emotional barrier from everyone else's emotions. When I'm in there, I'm alone and I'm me and it's mine. :) James keeps saying how happy he is I have it and how pretty it is back there. Oh my! I feel so much better!

Last night Sophie was lying against me as I preened her. It dawned on me that she hadn't played with anyone all day because I was at school. I got a little rattle she likes and started to play with it, bopping it up and down. She looked up at me with the sleepiest little eyes. LOL. "I'm so tired! I can't play! Please just cuddle me!"

Yesterday was my birthday. (I'm 26!! Wow that sounds old! I love it!) When I got home from school James had bought me a dozen beautiful white roses. They are so lovely :)
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Athena and Sophia are so funny! Sophia keeps adopting little baby traits of Athena's, and Athena tries to copy Sophie's big girl traits. Usually pooping isn't a big deal over here with Sophie. Go on the basket and poop. She's potty trained. We don't think too much about it. Well. Now she's doing it Athena style -- wiggle her butt backwards, squat, and go. Grr! We got extra-super treats for proper potty behavior and are going all out when either of them does it in the right spot. LOL.

Sophie's also begun crying Athie-style. Which is actually nicer because it's quieter *G*

On the other hand, Sophie gets in trouble for climbing off of her play gym. Athena was pretty good for a while, but now she's determined the play gym is optional as well. Only, because she had wings, she'd fly off -- and onto everything. We clipped her wings and have a new Time Out bin -- a large clear bin that Athie slept in when she was a baby. When they climb down without permission it's into the bin they go! Athena sine wings is a much humbler CAG!

Oh, and our house is a much nicer house with only one kitty inside (and the rest on the enclosed patio). They seem to like it better out there, too. Spinks keeps whining to join them!

Thank you!

Mar. 13th, 2004 01:45 pm
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Major hugs and kudos go to Shaun for helping so darn much with the fairy picture and Chris for helping me with the code and colors!


Thanks guys, y'all were awesome!
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The truth is, guys, I love my office to look nice. When I have file folders lying all over the filing cabinets, papers piling up in my inbox, and my "to be filed" basket is over-flowing I think I'm going to go nuts! I work very hard - get lots done, but the real reason behind it (aside from the fact that I love doing paperwork) is that I like my office to be clean.

Sick, huh? Wish the same could be said of my car....

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why people think Steven King is scary. I have read:

The Green Mile
The Talisman (just finished today)
The Stand
Hearts in Atlantis
The Skeleton Crew
The Dead Zone
The Gun Slinger
The Drawing of the Three
The Wastelands
Wizard and Glass
The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon

It seems like I've read more but I can't remember the rest right now. Maybe I'm missing something but other than It, I have yet to be frightened by any of his novels. Maybe I'm stronger than I thought. Maybe Steven King isn't as scary as they say he is.

Here's the cover for The Dead Zone:

No one comes close to the phenomenon of the world's most popular creator of terror and suspense. And this is one of his best...
The stunning novel of second-sight praised by the Atlanta Journal as "a compulsive page-turner" and by the Los Angeles Times as "faultlessly paced [and] continuously engrossing."

Please. That book was good, but not in the least scary. I'm not really sure what to think? Are there scarier SK books (with happy endings!) out there? I've heard Pet Semetary is fairly frightening but I don't want everyone to die.
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So are boys, if Howard Gardner in Steven King's "Talisman" has anything to say about it. Nevertheless, sleep was not a happening thing last night.

James and I were fairly depressed last night, so we decided to go to bed early (9pm). I had a hard time falling asleep but by 10 had settled into some restless slumber. Here's the drama, play by play:

10pm: mother calls, frantic, apparently someone's gone 80 minutes over the cell-phone time usage and dad will be *furious* (and will cancel all cell phones). I offer to pay the difference (even though it wasn't me). This does not quell the fear. We decide there must be some mix-up and she hangs up to call the company.

10:30pm; having finally fallen back asleep: mother calls again, to inform me that it's all straightened up; they don't add the sprint-to-sprint minutes to the non-usage minutes until midnight.

12am: both kitties are in bed with us and decide to run back and forth. Finally Boo settles down in my arms and James rolls over to pet him and talk to him. I awaken again, and ask all parties sharing the bed to PLEASE SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO SLEEP!

1:30am: J has a night terror (something we both suffer from) and I awaken him.

2:30am: J is having a hard time sleeping and Micah is purring like a friggin' motor boat.

3:30am: Micah begins pounding on one side of the shower door in the bathroom because he wants to sit in the shower. After yelling at him for five minutes to quit we decide he probably won't and open the door. (*sigh*, thus reinforcing this behavior.)

4am: Boo decides to try to cover up his litter by scratching the litterbox (which is usually in the guest bathroom, but now in the livingroom b/c of wet carpets) for 20 minutes. I finally convince him it's fine.

4:25am: Boo is not satisfied with the litter coverage and continues trying to scratch at everything in the livingroom.

5:00: Micah is upset because the other half of the shower door is not open. Micah knocks over everything on the bathroom counter banging on the door.

5:30: Boo begins scratching the litterbox again; Micah is playing with the noisy kitty-gym. "Your idea to get it" James reminds me.

6:00am: Micah and Boo are meowing and running all over the house. I decide trying to continue to sleep is futile and I will go into work early today.

So much for ten hours of sleep...
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Well, I sent James off to Tampa yesterday to take his Bar exam. I arrived home from work late because I had a doctor's appointment. I walked in the door and thought, "Geeze! Humidity is high! It smells so musty! Maybe we shouldn't leave the air conditioning off..."

The next thing I realized was that there were dark gray kitty prints all over the livingroom! "WHAT DID YOU GUYS GET INTO?" I tried to figure out where we might have had a stash of soot accessible to Kitties as I took a step into the livingroom.


Micah and Boo peered at me from atop the island kitchen counter as my foot stepped into a flooded livingroom. "Oh, my gosh, what on earth...? Did... we leave a faucet on?" I checked the kitchen faucet. It was off. I continued through the completely flooded kitchen to the guest bathroom. "Oh no... please God no..." Indeed, however, yes. The pipe at the back of the toilet had sprung a leak and was SPRAYING everywhere.

I panicked.

"WHY? The ONE DAY James is out of town *curses*..." I called my parents. "HELP! WATER! EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO I DO???" My mother instructed me on how to turn off the water behind the toilet.


Micah was on the part of the island closest to his food, in the bathroom. Poor little guys. *Kitty's worst nightmare! Water! Everywhere! And our food is in the flood room!* I gave them their food and they were okay, although they still occasionally glanced at the water all around. Poor Boo's tummy was all wet.

Anyway, nice excuse to get a few days off of work. Mike, our landlord, was so nice. I called him immediately and he had Stanley Steamer call me by 8am the next morning. I am currently relaxing on the sofa while they rip up all the carpets.

James has a surprise in store for him tonight. "Hey honey! Surprise! Mike decided to clean the carpets!"


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