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I love love love my room!!! OMG -- I feel like I can breathe. I was so overwhelmed by the peace and quiet last night that I just sat on my sofa and took it all in for an hour! I don't know what to do with myself! It's like I finally have an emotional barrier from everyone else's emotions. When I'm in there, I'm alone and I'm me and it's mine. :) James keeps saying how happy he is I have it and how pretty it is back there. Oh my! I feel so much better!

Last night Sophie was lying against me as I preened her. It dawned on me that she hadn't played with anyone all day because I was at school. I got a little rattle she likes and started to play with it, bopping it up and down. She looked up at me with the sleepiest little eyes. LOL. "I'm so tired! I can't play! Please just cuddle me!"

Yesterday was my birthday. (I'm 26!! Wow that sounds old! I love it!) When I got home from school James had bought me a dozen beautiful white roses. They are so lovely :)
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I organized all of my pictures in photobucket last night, which means I lost all the direct links. I'm going to go back and organize some of htem, but not all of htem, so I'm putting my basic favorite parrot pics here, and then i'll take care of the rest. 

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Last week my mother worried that my beloved Sophie Dophers might learn some bad habits from the Damn Cockatoo ©. I said, "Nah, she's too precious and sweet and angelic! She doesn't have a (very) naughty feather on her body!"

Haha. Mother's last words. 

Sunday morning James and I brought her into bed to hangout and play. Whaddya know. She began Charge of the Light Brigade toward poor Micah, who had, for the past several hours previous, been peacefully sleeping. First she bolted onto Daddy's chest (he was lying down), and then she began banging her beak against him while SQUAWKING! and flapping her wings. Finally she flapped and banged so hard she flipped over and off the side of him! LOL! 

Immediately she darted toward Micah, who stared at her, bleary eyed, wondering who on earth had the gall to disturb his quiet slumber(!). She pulled up just short of him, attacked the bed spread, banging her beak and skipping with her wings flapping, as if to say, "MOVE IT BUSTAH! IF YOU DON'T I'LL DO THIS TO YOUR EAR!!!" 

Then she cautiously inched closer. (He is, after all, four times her size -- or more!) He glanced up at us, back at her, evaluated the beak size against the fact that he lacks claws, and jumped off the bed. 

She raced/skipped/flapped her wings with her crest up back to Daddy's chest and did a victory dance, complete with more Squawks!, ceremonial dancing, wing flapping and beak banging. Then dove into his neck for cuddles and kisses. "I'm big bad monster birdie!!"


At least she doesn't bite!!

Whoops. She just ate my neosporin. While sitting right next to me. If I have kids they won't make it to their fifth birthday.

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I love being young. I love being married. I love having no kids. Why? Because we get to make the stupidest mistakes in the world without more than a month's budget of spending money to worry too much about. The worst that can happen is we eat Ramen Noodle Soup for four weeks. 

Anyway. I have my Sophie Doph and I really love her. James wants a parrot. He's wanted a parrot for a while--it's at least been at hte back of our minds that little Sophie Doph should have a friend, anyway. (not that they can share cages, mind you, but someone to squawk at on the days we're away at work.)

Yesterday J and I were driving back from Stuart. We saw, wonder of wonders, a new bird shop! Actually, it had been there for five years, but this was the first time we'd seen it. So... we stopped in. (I regularly stop at bird stores. I love to look at all the different birds, all their colors, and personalities...) What do you know? They have an umbrella cockatoo -- and he's jabbering away at James. Seems to adore him. We ask whether we can hold him, the shop owner says, "Sure!"

Hansel cooed at James and then climbed up his arm and sat on his shoulder. For forever. He was sooo happy and soooo sweet. He just wanted head rubs and head rubs and kisses and cuddles. OMG. The perfect bird for James. So... we bought him. Apparently he was "on consignment." Some little girl had gotten him when she was 10 or so, and then, now being 15, didn't want him anymore. So mean. :(

We bought him, brought him home, he hung out on James's shoulder all the way home. We put him on his new playstand.. And then we tried to pick him up a few hours later. That's when the trouble began. He attacked me. He bit my finger so badly it's still bruised and swollen, and bled for a while last night. Then he tried to attack James's face -- got his ear. 

And when I say Umbrella Cockatoo, I mean, this sucker's huge. He's like 19 inches tall and his beak could frighten a Tazmanian Devil. So he's attacking James, he's attacking me. He actually bit me more--six times on the arm--all of them now bruises.

We manage to get him back on his playstand.   We leave him alone. A few hours later it's time for bed... so we try to put him into his cage. He tried to lunge for my face but caught my bra instead. Now I have a nice sized bruise on the top of my boob. Didn't know that was possible. Damn bird. In trying to detach him from hanging from my bra (yes I had a shirt on), he kind of flung toward the cage and scrambled up to the top of it. Plumage extended, wings out, beak wide open, he's informing us the cage is all his. We know better htan to disagree with a feathered hell beast. We stuck some peanuts in the foodbowl (all the while eyeing him to make sur ehe didn't try to attack us). Then we snuck out of hte room and out to the patio--where we could watch him through a crack in the blinds. He just looked around and rocked. I went in there to sit with him since he looked scared. After a while I talked him into "stepping up" for me. Amazingly, he did--and went without fuss into the cage.

So James is freaking out. We have this huge bird that keeps attacking us. I swear that by today he'll be better. He's blaming me for talking him into it. I'm reminding him he's an adult and can make his own choices. Sophie's looking like the most innocent, wonderful parrot on earth.... She knows she will be sainted one day and made an arch cockatoo in heaven for her perfect personality and sweetness. We leave her on the other playstand int he livingroom because we know she doesn't climb off--such a good baby! And we go to bed without talking to each other and sleeping as far apart as possible. It's a good thing we have a king sized bed.

This morning I awoke to decibal-topping screams from the backroom. James was whistling in the shower.  Sophia, on her playstand, her crest up exchanges an expression with me. If she could talk she'd have said, Told ya so.  As I write this my ears begin to hurt. I mean, the screams were so loud the broom fell over. Seriously. I try to talk him out of screaming.James left for work. We growled goodbyes, each holding the other responsible for the monster that now existed in our house. By this time I've also e-mailed or posted to four different "rehomed birds" lists seeking help and advice. ALl of those saints swear it just takes a few months of patience and he'll be better.

Are you freaking kidding me? This feathered hell beast is trying to rip apart the cage and lunge for my face and I'm supposed to wait a few months?! Oh yeah. Whatever. I tried feeding him treats. I tried sweet-talking to him. He began barking like a 300lb poodle. And growling. And he's still lunging for my face.

In trepidation I finally call the shop owner back and inform him of the activities of hte morning and night before. I'm sure he's going to say there's nothing he can do. We signed a release yesterday. I'm imagining my life with this hell beast. And our neighbors! Our neighbors are going to HATE us! So I call, and to my surprise... he says, "You have three options. You can exchange him for the other cockatoo -- she's so much sweeter! You can exchange him for another bird here. Or I'll give you your money back. Life's too short to be bothered with a horrible bird!"

I can hardly believe my ears! He'll take him back! Now.. how to get the damned bird into the carrying case. 

I cleaned out the carrying crate and put a few toys, some nuts, and a towel at the bottom. I stared at another towel, thinking maybe I could "towel him" whatever the heck that means. I stared back at him. His beak was open and he was banging against the bars closest to me, trying to break them. He reminded me of a pahrana in feather form. The towel seemed too scary. He wouldn't be a happy pahrana if he escaped from my holding him. What if he got out of the towel? What if he actually succeeded in biting my face?! What if he snapped my glasses in half? Or my ear?

I considered trying to pick him up wiht the towel around my hand. And then I actually tried it. He hopped off--onto the floor, and then hopped like a rabbit in a circle trying to attack me. God that beak! I manage to get him to bite the towel and lurched him back into his cage before he could do further damage.

Finally I decided to put the carrying crate up to the cage door and let him try to crawl in. The problem was that wherever I stood closest to the bars, he'd try to bite me through them. So I had to distract him over to the other side of the cage, so I could open the door and put the crate to the door. It took a few minutes, but I finally convinced him he'd have better access to biting me near his food dish.

I whipped the crate to his door and watched in morbid fascination as he tried chewing the crate to bits -- first the top part, then the bottom part. Finally his desire for nuts overwhelmed all sense of birdy reasoning and he climbed into the crate. I quickly closed the door--can you imagine if he got out?? -- and carried him to the car. On the way I noticed him attempting to take apart the crate door. I made a mental note to put the crate door against hte seat of the car so he wouldn't have a chance of actually opening it. 

When I got to the shop the guy opened the crate and Hansel walked out. The guy said, "Step up!" Hansel stepped up, bobbed his head for a head rub, and crawled back into the shop cage, happy as a freaking lark. Little bastard.

And that is James and Jen dumb animal mistake #2.  And we're back to being happily married. And Sophia is the sweetest angel bird in the world.
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I used to open my mouth wide and wonder how four more teeth would fit. It seemed pretty full as it was. I went to the doctor today. After the X-Rays, he confirmed that two of my teeth were coming in *sideways* - as in, scrunching toward the other teeth, and the bit that we saw - the bit that had erupted - was actually the side of the tooth. Isn't that amazing? He said it's because my mouth was too small to hold them.

After that he informed me that I did, indeed, have infections in both of the lower wisdom teeth and they would go ahead and take them out. Insurance was great (sarcastic). They covered $500 of the $1500 procedure. Tell me again why I pay insurance? They wouldn't cover the cyst that had grown around one tooth, nor the IV sedation, and only paid for part of the teeth. Thank God for grandfathers. :-)

Anyway, they did the operation at 12:30, James was so sweet and wonderful. He took me home at 1:30, tucked me into bed, gave me everything I might need... He wanted to stay home with me but I refused. I'd sleep the whole time anyway.

They told me I wouldn't remember anything, but I do. I remember when the doctor got to my bottom-left tooth it hurt so much I started counting ("This can't last more than 15 seconds ... This can't be more than another 15 seconds ..."). I guess I moaned and they had to give me even more anesthesia! There was a super-super sweet nurse there who kept holding my hand. She was so nice. All I remember is that I kept reaching for something when the pain hit, and her hand was always there. I'll probably write her a thank you note.

I got home and fell asleep. I've just awakened. My mouth is so swollen! It doesn't hurt, though. I'm so grateful for that nurse, James, my mom, and my grandfather. I dedicate this post to them :-)


Mar. 11th, 2004 06:24 pm
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I got a fever this afternoon. I've taken four aleve in six hours. I think you're supposed to only take 2 in 24. Oh well. I called the HMO and told them I had a fever and they needed to give me a different doctor. She decided I sounded like I had a severe infection and to ensure I didn't get a brain infection (because, of course, the mouth is so close to the brain), she set me up with an appt tomorrow with an oral surgeon who may perform emergency tooth extraction.

James says I'm a baby. He's completely correct. But then, he's my hero and has been numbing my mouth with Special Ointment which is supposed to be cherry-flavored but is really just disgusting.

*dramatic wincing*


Mar. 2nd, 2004 11:35 am
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I am not feeling very well today. I think it's probably allergies - I didn't take my benedryl last night before bed, but I am sneezing like there's no tomorrow. My head hurts, too, and I'm just feeling miserable (though, fortunately, not miserable enough to go home!).

Anyway, James started back to work yesterday and loves it (of course). They moved him to a new division, so that's cool, and the lady who used to be chief of his old division (and who lied about him, backstabbed him, and regularly humiliated him in court) was found *in contempt of court* and the guy in charge had to bail her out on the basis that she'd be demoted and transferred to a new division! Yay for justice in the court system!!!

Anyway, there's a stack of files to be transferred on my desk and my in-basket is overflowing so I'll probably work through lunch today trying to catch up. Fun, fun...

Can't wait 'til law school ;-)
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So are boys, if Howard Gardner in Steven King's "Talisman" has anything to say about it. Nevertheless, sleep was not a happening thing last night.

James and I were fairly depressed last night, so we decided to go to bed early (9pm). I had a hard time falling asleep but by 10 had settled into some restless slumber. Here's the drama, play by play:

10pm: mother calls, frantic, apparently someone's gone 80 minutes over the cell-phone time usage and dad will be *furious* (and will cancel all cell phones). I offer to pay the difference (even though it wasn't me). This does not quell the fear. We decide there must be some mix-up and she hangs up to call the company.

10:30pm; having finally fallen back asleep: mother calls again, to inform me that it's all straightened up; they don't add the sprint-to-sprint minutes to the non-usage minutes until midnight.

12am: both kitties are in bed with us and decide to run back and forth. Finally Boo settles down in my arms and James rolls over to pet him and talk to him. I awaken again, and ask all parties sharing the bed to PLEASE SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO SLEEP!

1:30am: J has a night terror (something we both suffer from) and I awaken him.

2:30am: J is having a hard time sleeping and Micah is purring like a friggin' motor boat.

3:30am: Micah begins pounding on one side of the shower door in the bathroom because he wants to sit in the shower. After yelling at him for five minutes to quit we decide he probably won't and open the door. (*sigh*, thus reinforcing this behavior.)

4am: Boo decides to try to cover up his litter by scratching the litterbox (which is usually in the guest bathroom, but now in the livingroom b/c of wet carpets) for 20 minutes. I finally convince him it's fine.

4:25am: Boo is not satisfied with the litter coverage and continues trying to scratch at everything in the livingroom.

5:00: Micah is upset because the other half of the shower door is not open. Micah knocks over everything on the bathroom counter banging on the door.

5:30: Boo begins scratching the litterbox again; Micah is playing with the noisy kitty-gym. "Your idea to get it" James reminds me.

6:00am: Micah and Boo are meowing and running all over the house. I decide trying to continue to sleep is futile and I will go into work early today.

So much for ten hours of sleep...
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Well, I sent James off to Tampa yesterday to take his Bar exam. I arrived home from work late because I had a doctor's appointment. I walked in the door and thought, "Geeze! Humidity is high! It smells so musty! Maybe we shouldn't leave the air conditioning off..."

The next thing I realized was that there were dark gray kitty prints all over the livingroom! "WHAT DID YOU GUYS GET INTO?" I tried to figure out where we might have had a stash of soot accessible to Kitties as I took a step into the livingroom.


Micah and Boo peered at me from atop the island kitchen counter as my foot stepped into a flooded livingroom. "Oh, my gosh, what on earth...? Did... we leave a faucet on?" I checked the kitchen faucet. It was off. I continued through the completely flooded kitchen to the guest bathroom. "Oh no... please God no..." Indeed, however, yes. The pipe at the back of the toilet had sprung a leak and was SPRAYING everywhere.

I panicked.

"WHY? The ONE DAY James is out of town *curses*..." I called my parents. "HELP! WATER! EVERYWHERE! WHAT DO I DO???" My mother instructed me on how to turn off the water behind the toilet.


Micah was on the part of the island closest to his food, in the bathroom. Poor little guys. *Kitty's worst nightmare! Water! Everywhere! And our food is in the flood room!* I gave them their food and they were okay, although they still occasionally glanced at the water all around. Poor Boo's tummy was all wet.

Anyway, nice excuse to get a few days off of work. Mike, our landlord, was so nice. I called him immediately and he had Stanley Steamer call me by 8am the next morning. I am currently relaxing on the sofa while they rip up all the carpets.

James has a surprise in store for him tonight. "Hey honey! Surprise! Mike decided to clean the carpets!"
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You know what? I adore my INFP and INTP friends. They are the coolest, most non-judgmental people in the world. Yet another fundamental Christian found out today that I'm living with my sweet, wonderful, soon-to-be husband. His response, "Not to be condemning, but how do you reconcile that with Scripture?"


Can you for a moment work on the log in your own eye? Can you for a moment realize that there are no definite black and whites in anything? Can you look inside yourself and see the hypocricy? Where is the love? Where is acceptance and forgiveness? Where is peace and harmony?

It's in the INFPs, INTPs, and INFJs. Thank you, God, for non-judgmental people who realize that everyone's situation is different and that it's not their place to decide who is right and wrong :-)
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Sometimes I have what I call a Precious Moment - a moment that I know I will cherish for ever and always. When I lived with Kristina I had some of those. I'd awaken and Micah would be snuggled in my arms, having slept and cuddled with me much of the night, purring and so, so happy. I thought, "This is what life is about. This is joy and happiness. I hope I never forget this."

A few weeks ago I was home in Ft. Myers. Zack and I were going somewhere and he reached out his hand and grabbed mine. I smiled. He's 13 and I know someday he will stop holding my hand while we walk. I'm not sure it's dawned on him that it's 'not cool' to hold my hand. I wondered whether that might be the last time he initiates holding my hand, as I mused sadly on the fact that there was a last time he was held, picked up, rocked to sleep, tucked in, fed by someone else... There will be a last time he holds my hand. I think that day is coming soon, if it hasn't already passed.

On a less melancholy note, this morning I had a Precious Moment. I awoke and glanced at the clock. It was 8:34am. Resting between my knees was Boo, curled in a ball, and using my knee as a headrest. Next to me, James was sleeping soundly, as well, and between his legs was Micah, curled up. All four of us sleeping peacefully in the same bed! It was so sweet! Then James stirred and awoke. Micah galloped up the bed to cuddle with him, and Boo followed suit. Both babies lying in our arms, purring, ever so happy, and both of us perfectly content and at peace. The four of us sharing a moment of happiness. I felt so blessed and thought, "This is a precious moment - a moment I hope to remember the rest of our lives.
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Blech. I *hate* Christmas shopping. Sometimes I think all I do is whine in this. But I guess it's what it's for, eh?

I'm soooo peopled out! I never want to see another person again! And I miss my boyfriend soooo much. *Will not call him every 20 minutes... Will not call him every 20 minutes.* ;-)
Actually, he's been working, so it wouldn't matter if I called (and I've been good, I haven't... that much. No more than he calls me, anyway!)

So anyway, I stayed in Gainesville almost a week longer than I would have otherwise because my final - my ONLY final, and an OPTIONAL final, no less - was on the very last day of finals, Dec. 20. I was 3 points from an A (B+ at the moment) and if I got a 90% on the optional final, I'd get it.

Of course, this doesn't sound too difficult. But then again, the highest grade I've EVER gotten in this guys classes (I've had two of them) was an 88 - and that only once. He's the only person I've actually gotten a final score of a B from! So, nobly I wait in Gainesville, studying hard for this final. And I got a C. I *knew* it was pointless to stay. I *knew* I'd never get a 90 on it. *sigh*

A week, wasted. Pathetic.

I'm so sick of school. I get a total break of 16 days. A lot of people have nearly a month off! At the moment, I hate school.

Oh yeah, I also hate Christmas shopping. Did I mention that? Too...many...people. I'll never procrastinate on Christmas shopping again!

I hope my bf gets home soon. Ranting to him is so much nicer :-)


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